Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hi peeps,
Hate is definitely a strong word..but I do hate saying goodbye to people that is closed to my heart.
What if that goodbye is the last time you'll see that person? Have you done enough to show them you love and care for them?Wow! This is a heavy topic...
Anyway, the cupcakes (chocolate oreo flavour) below were ordered by Saupix as a farewell token to give to Laily who's going to further her study. Well, I wish you all the best too Laily and good luck!!

By the way, Saupix is a photographer and he seriouly takes great pictures. Visit his website here
And he also took picture of this cupcake very beautifully. Check it out here

So to everyone, make it less harder in saying goodbye with cupcakes from Coco Chip Cupcake.
Love cupcake. Love you all :)

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