Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi everyone,
Sooooo long I didn't update the blog :( Been quite or shall I say VERY busy. Nahhh...I think I shall stick with the word quite busy rather than VERY busy ;p

The cupcakes (chocolate oreo flavour) below were ordered by Lyana for her bf, Arif Zakwan. She's so sweet sending him the cupcakes with smiley faces and guess what I was smiling the whole time while making the cupcakes :)
Thank you Lyana :)

By the way, have you heard of the song SMILE sang by the late Michael Jackson? If you haven't, go and listen to the song now :)

Keep on smiling - not only it will make your day but who knows it will make someone else's day better.

Love cupcake. Love you all :)

p/s : Forgive me for the poor quality pictures. Don't know what's wrong with the camera me...hiks ;p