Thursday, April 29, 2010

123 Doraemon

Hello peeps...
I'm sure you love this japanese cartoon character - DORAEMON. He's so adorable and the most important thing is he has everything handy come out from his magical pocket. Gadget that I like the most is 'Pintu Suka Hati'. The door can take you anywhere in the world just by entering it. Awesome! How I wish I have my own Doraemon. Nobita can you lend me your Doraemon?? :)

The cupcakes below were ordered by Nurliani for someone dear to her heart that loves Doraemon..It's for his 21st birthday and he shared the same birth date with me which is 12/3 (that's why the entry's title is 123- It's a special date and no one should forget it coz 12th March or 12/3 = 123)  

Here is the pic sent by Nurliani after she puts the candle. Thank you so much dear!!

If you can't have your favourite cartoon, at least you got to eat it..yummy!

Love cupcake. Love you all :)

(p/s : what's your favourite doraemon's gadget?)


  1. hi iejan..i'm the one who ordered this cupcakes.'s taste good & my boyfie loved it. nice one! *thumbs up*
    btw, i wish to have 'pintu sesuka hati' from doraemon! :)

  2. hi dear,
    thanks for dropping by and thank u so much for the comments. really appreciate it :)
    ur choice of the gadget is awesome! best kan kalau ada that door..hiks :)

  3. hehe..not a problem!
    dgn pintu sesuka ati,i can save budget to go anywhere anytime! pergi mn2 pun bole..hehe.
    but laci meja kat bilik nobita pun pretty awesome! haha..bole travel through time.. refresh some great memories.. :)

    btw..hope that's not to late to say thanks to u!

  4. laci tu pun best juga!! :)
    kan bagus ada doraemon untuk everyone..

    u r most welcome dear :)

  5. hello, may i know where to buy this doraemon cupcakes ???

  6. hi flintpleo,
    you can order from me. i made the cupcakes upon request :)