Friday, April 9, 2010

Cupcakes in a BASKET

Hello everyone...
Masuk bakul angkat sendiri is a malay proverb meaning praising oneself. I am not sure wether praising ourselves is a good thing or not. But if we don't praise ourselves, who else will do? I guess praising ourselves once in a while is not a crime but is more like a motivation and building self-esteem. So, if you haven't praise yourself in a while, why not do it today. One praise a day will keep the bad mood away..:)

The cupcakes (chocolate flavour) in a basket below were ordered by lovely Natrah on her engagement day. Thank you so much dear :)

This is how the basket looked like after decorated by Natrah's aunty. Nice right?

And this is the lovely and beautiful Natrah on her engagement day :)

Remember to praise yourself daily and do also remember to order your cupcakes from Coco Chip Cupcake.

Love cupcake. Love you all :)

(p/s : natrah, i "cilok" ur pic from ur fb. hope u don't mind ;) )