Saturday, August 28, 2010

EnGaGeMeNt :)

Hi everyone...
Engagement is a promise to marry between both the bride and the groom to enter marriage together. So, the promise must be fulfilled. And cupcakes have become one of the many choices of hantaran from both parties in the engagement ceremony.
The cupcakes (chocolate oreo flavour) were ordered by Dyan for his brother's engagement. Thank you Dyan :)

Spice up your engagement with cupcakes from Coco Chip Cupcakes.

Love cupcake. Love you all :)


  1. klu nk order yg mcm ni berapa harga?

  2. Hi It's pink,
    Macam ni flavour choc or vanilla = RM33
    and flavour choc oreo = RM36

  3. maknanya dgn kotak skali suma rm36 untuk choc oreo?

  4. hi it's pink,
    yes. kalau with transparent box macam dalam pic total semua untuk choc oreo =RM36.
    kalau nak order, better cepat coz all orders lepas 31/12/2010 akan subject to new price :)

  5. aiyok..jgn la bg harga laen..hehe
    saya plan nk order bln march ni..

  6. can i order this cute cupcake 4 this 25 jun... harganya brape yer....

  7. boleh saya order this cute cupcake 4 25 jun nie???
    harganya brape yer?

  8. kak ijan..nk order kek cm ne..coklat n 9biji..berape hrga?

  9. Hi ekqira, yes dear. Kindly email me the details ok :)

  10. Hi lieya_185,
    the price will be RM20 dear :)

  11. Hi Iejan,
    Kalau sha nak cupcake mcm ni utk 07 Nov 2011 nie ada x?
    ada design lain lagi x untuk tunang?

  12. Hi sha,
    Nak collect cupcakes on 7/11/2011?
    Design lain ada, just i tak sempat nak upload. Maybe sha boleh let me know theme colour so I boleh email to u the pictures other designs :)

  13. salam iejan...
    nk tnya ler...cupcake ni buttercream ke fondant?
    saya ingt nk order 9pcs jer utk engagement 20.11.2011
    ble awak emailkan design2 n harga skali?
    ni email add saya
    tq yer