Monday, November 22, 2010

CyBer L.O.V.E

Hi everybody...
Last time, letters are one of the main way of communication between lovers who is in a long distance relationship. It takes days for the letters to reach the one it is addressed to. Imagine when you say 'I love you' in your letter today and knowing that your lover will only heard/ knew about it days after that is somehow a torturing feeling. Then, came the net which makes it possible for everything to be done within a click away. You'll rest assured that your 'I love you' notes will reach you lover comforting is that feeling :)

The cupcakes (chocolate oreo flavour) below were ordered by Lan for her girlfriend Lisa. They are in a long distance relationship :)

With technology everything seems to be possible including L.O.V.E

Love cupcakes. Love you all :)


  1. how much for this? :)

  2. i love ur cupcakes..
    how nk order?
    plus, i'm at mlake.. still cn order?
    ad delivery?
    really addicted to ur cupcakes.. plus da design mmg cntik.. :)

  3. Hi sy!era_n,
    kalau flavour choc or vanilla plus box macam ni is RM39.
    klau flavour choc oreo is RM42.

  4. sekali dgn kos penghantaran ke??

  5. Hi sy!era_n,
    Excluding delivery. Delivery charges depends on location :)

  6. sis, xde promosi ke utk mothers day?tq :)

  7. Hi there, sorry tak sempat nak buat promotion for mother's day :(

  8. kita boleh bg taK

  9. Hi kuKu,
    Yes, boleh request design :)