Tuesday, December 29, 2009

PINK is the colour!

Hi everybody..
Who can resist the colour of pink? Even my favourite colour is blue, I still can't help it when pink comes into the picture. Pink always associated with sweet, love and girls..but PINK is definitely the new black. Even guys is going for pink and there's nothing wrong with it. The cupcakes below (Large size chocolate oreo flavour) were ordered by Nicky for her friend Nelly who LOVES PINK so much. Happy birthday Nelly!

To all pink lovers, make a statement about your love to the colour pink by ordering cupcakes from me.
(Special note to guys : Go for PINK! wink!)

Love cupcake. Love you all :)


  1. hey... i m Cheem from butterworth... i want to know how long to prepare this? i wish to buy 1... email me: cheemhw@yahoo.com


  2. Hi Cheem,
    Already email to you. Thanks :)