Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hai everyone..
Fashion speaks a lot about someone. Certain people is really up-to-date in fashion arena and others is fine being not so fashionable. I am definitely fall into the latter group..(hiks..the not so fashionable). Actually I do have a lot of respect to all fashionista out there who can keep up with the fashion world. As Heidi Klum always said in her Project Runaway show "In fashion, one day you are in, the next day you are out". Even though I categorised myself as the not so fashionable, but I enjoyed watching or viewing shows or pictures about fashion. It's like a soother to the crowded mind sometimes. Well, I guess ladies are so hard to be separated by fashion in one way or another. There is always a part of them longs to have those killer Victoria Beckham high-heels (haha..) or any designer bags/purses/clutches/totes or god knows how many different names these things are called.

As far as I am concern,Nicky's friend, Nicole LOVES fashion. Thanks to her friend Nicky who ordered these cupcakes from me (chocolate oreo) to celebrate her birthday. So, happy birthday to the one out of many fashionista out there, Miss Nicole.

I am so happy when Nicky told me that Nicole loves the cupcakes :)

So, to all fashionista out there, if you are longing to have those designer items for ages, I can help you get the items (..on my cupcakes). Wait no more, order from me today.
Love cupcake. Love you all :) 

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